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well, i their defence, this was the first year that they combinded the golf/ornamentals/turf all togeather. the 5.5hr lunch break was to get people into the 'equipment show' and feed their sponsers. so i think they were over taken by the turn out. the past years were just fine, but the show was alot smaller. i will say that i was alittle pissed of on the fact that the class's were over crouded, and the amount of CCH's offerd were not their! i do alot of aquatics work, so i sat in the 'invasive aquatic plants' class for almost 6hrs and worked thru my lunch their and got LOADS of great info, but not a single CCH! i feel that the workshops should be FREE, i went to one workshop, tought by zac and the guy from TG, good info, but not worth the $60 (i just went in and sat down, i didn't pay, never even questiond me). yes the EAB info was good. i did like ALL the speakers, they did keep it going, my major complaint their is, no time for questions afterwords. best of all, i got paid for 3 days, got some really good if not great info, free lunches, and meet a few people from around indy that i have talked too that, we might beable to help each other out in working to start up a maintenance program. so all and all, glad it's over, but did leave happy, and look forward to next year. jmo
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