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Originally Posted by WALKER LANDSCAPE View Post
Looks good to me. Does making a web page take alot of computer coding or something. Can anyone figure it out. Might be a stupid question, but there you go.
I set up a website for company softball team one time. Obviousley I didnt want to spend much money to do it as it was just supposed to be a fun thing. I used Microsoft Publisher to do it. It was fairly easy after you got the hang of it, but very time consuming. I finally stopped updating it about halfway through the season. Although it was cheap (10 for the domain and 7 or 10/month for hosting, and I had Office) the site looked like a template and nothing else. If I were to start my own business I would have someone design the site for me and host it. It would be well worth it. The site that I used for hosting and website design for a past website was

Hope this helps,
Eric Sikes

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