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Mike, yes, this problem has been going on for too long.

For the record, I did have a highly recommended structural engineer come by and take a look last OCTOBER. He spent most of his time telling me how poorly my wall was built (funny, but I had a sneaky suspicion from the way it is falling down that it was not built properly and I'm not even an engineer).

As far as fixing the problem goes....he started talking about pounding steel sheet pilings into the ground. It sounded like he was only interested in recommending the most high dollar solution. He did not give me specifics on the projected cost, but I got the impression that his solution was going to cost me $100,000.

Hopefully the guy that is coming tomorrow will be different, since he is an engineer and a landscaper. I hoping he will give me a plan that I can follow myself and an estimate of how much he would charge. I don't mind paying for someone's services if they will help me find a solution.
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