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Originally Posted by jacough42 View Post
Do any of you have the dimensions for an infield for a multi use baseball/softball field. I just picked up the account and the edge between the infield and outfield has vanished over the year. I would like to recut it but want to be accurate.
I've never seen anything official on this type of multi-use field. In our area the few I've run into while umpiring high school baseball games have been totally skinned. The arc between the skinned area and the outfield differs on the various fields here but they do not abide by any standard for these types of fields. If you arc it like a 90' baseball field then all the softball outfielders are pretty much stationed on the skinned area anyway. Most I've seen try to arc it about 10' beyond the baseball 90' basepaths and they are more squared off rather than a nice arc. We also have combination 60' (youth league) and 90' (junior high) fields here with combination pitching mounds, grass infields and combination skinned areas. They're unusual but they work.
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