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I use iron all year,but it helps mostly in the summer heat.I dont want a lot of ertilizer on the greens in the summer,to high N promotes pythuim,and brown patch,so I can keep the greens a hair below my spring/fall levels of N,but I add 1-2 oz/1000 of Fe,in the spray and the greens stay deep green,and beatiful as if i had high N,without the excessive growth or disease promoting issues.I never,ever go out just to spray iron,it is always added to a mix thats already going out anyway,so it takes only a minute to measure and drop it in the tank.It is relatievely cheap too.I also spray my lawn with iron whenever i do any liquid applications.Iron is tough on the dpray pumps,no doubt,i always rinse 3-4x anyway,and have had the same pump for 6 yrs now,no trouble yet,and i spray every 1-2 weeks.
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