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Originally Posted by RedWingsDet View Post
dude, im not saying what he says is wrong, and the stuff he says is common sense. To bad we sense is not common anymore. im just saying, dont be all over the guy making every post about him. im sure he will sell his books fine without our help.

He is pretty much someone that writes a book that is 85% common sense, and 15% account and economics and it makes him others peoples heros. The stuff he says isnt rocket science.
What the hell are you talking about? Don't participate in the thread if it pisses you off. If you haven't read the book, I don't see how you can comment about the book. I don't even think you can call what he is saying "common sense"... because it ain't that common anymore. Next time I won't be as humble, and I won't quote him as my source. Will that make you happy?

Back to the lease. The lease is a bad idea, b/c you end up paying a 14% hidden interest rate. When you turn the truck back in, it literally has to be in near perfect condition or you get penalized.

Why would it make any sense at all when you could buy a vehicle and write off the entire purchase the first year? On a leased vehicle, you pay the payments and then you have nothing. At least on another vehicle, you have a little bit of equity left in the vehicle after paying it off.
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