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While I also made both of mine, I used Yahoo's tools to get started with both, and I've been working on the first one for like 8 years ...
Since both are a hobby, I work on them off and on, but still an unbelievably long time LOL.

On the cost issues...
I could get cheaper hosting, but I insist on a dedicated server because it puts me in charge, and nobody tells me what I can or can not do.
The best (and worst) part is, I am the system administrator.
I have the knowledge my two sites really ARE the only two sites on this computer, and even thou I wouldn't mind sharing, I had a problem suspecting past hosts of going way past a server's technical limitations (and hosting hundreds if not a few thousand sites on one box).
And when my server crashes, I can call these folks at 4am on Xmas day and someone answers the phone AND reboots my poor little puter.
While I don't need all that disk space and ghz cpu power they all seem to throw around, I DO need the bandwidth, and the wide pipeline and superb reliability calm my nerves.
I guess I'm just picky.

$100 / month, thou I'm seriously considering a smaller server for $70 right now.
That's in addition to cablemodem, but that's not much with cable tv as a package.

Come spring, I'll likely be spending an additional $300 / year for a categorized directory listing for my business site.

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