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Originally Posted by grassmanak View Post
id be willing to bet that people on lawnsite have already beat your record. I know i used my Z for everything, including riding to the mailbox
I'd be willing to bet your right, although I doubt in the same time period of 1 year, 100mi per day is a lot of miles. lol
Originally Posted by casco73
you picked a nice mower i would sugjest losing the mower deck less weight better gas milage unless you plan on mowig lawns along the way for gas $$good luck i wish i could do the same but need to make $$ -4 kids+wife-stop by broomall pennsylvania if you can good luck!!
No, I don't plan on mowing grass for gas, although I plan on putting a standing offer to mow each capitol building lawn as I travel through each state.
Originally Posted by Accu-cut Lawn Care
In your bio, you state that you are an ex convict. If you don't mind me asking, what were your charges?
I don't mind you asking, I have been convicted of several crimes in the past, they stem from a very messy divorce, as to why it is stated in my bio, as it says, I believe a person can try to make up for their past. I also believe that I am trying to do some good in this world and that hopefully I will be able to make up for a little of my past. We have all did things wrong, but we can also work on making things right.
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