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Being kind-of "in the biz" I have never used GoDaddy, but also I participate in a lot of "web industry" forums & such and GoDaddy has a general reputation for not being a great choice. They are not the best value (too pricey & somewhat limited options), and they are a "mega" company so customer support is the old "you are one in thousands" type things so don't expect personal service, support or help. (Lots of user comments along the lines of "after an hour and a half on support I never could get the guy (lady) to understand what I was trying to do so I finally gave up")

Some people do like them (like the above who was posting while I was), but remember, for years GoDaddy only sold domain names. They were good at it, cheaper (back then) and made a big name for themselves & a reputation, but they sell them cheap (little profit) so all their other services are their real "money makers".

I advise folks to use them to buy a name if you want, depending on who you compare them to you might save a couple of dollars a year, but to ignore all their other offers (a lot of their offers are useless anyway), but even ones like site building & hosting that have value generally have more negative than positive said about them from current/former users.
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