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Originally Posted by Travlndude View Post
I'd be willing to bet your right, although I doubt in the same time period of 1 year, 100mi per day is a lot of miles. lol

No, I don't plan on mowing grass for gas, although I plan on putting a standing offer to mow each capitol building lawn as I travel through each state.

I don't mind you asking, I have been convicted of several crimes in the past, they stem from a very messy divorce, as to why it is stated in my bio, as it says, I believe a person can try to make up for their past. I also believe that I am trying to do some good in this world and that hopefully I will be able to make up for a little of my past. We have all did things wrong, but we can also work on making things right.

at least he's honest. How many people don't get caught??

"Life is tough, but it's tougher if you're stupid."

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