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Originally Posted by lakesregionscapes View Post
Probably already covered this, but how do you go about registrering this thing to drive on the road? One of our customer's son has an LCO in NY State(we're in NH). One of his guys rode a Z-mower 3 miles to the bank to cash his paycheck... got a ticket for driving an unregistrered, illegal vehicle on a public roadway.
I know in NH if your licence is suspended for a DUI you can't even ride a commercial mower to mow your own lawn! (nor lawn tractor) This is just to say that mowers are viewed differently from state to state, but I'm sure there's more than one cop that will be bored enough to stop for a chat....
Actually this has already been checked into, you have to have a slow moving vehicle sign, he probably didn't have one on his ztr.
Originally Posted by Accu-cut Lawn Care
No, I'm not being harsh. Showing any support for this character would be a waste of time. There is no way that he is going to raise enough funding to finance a trip like this. 30,000 miles is a very long way to go on a mower...3000 miles, too, for this guy would even be a pipe dream...Being realistic, 300 miles is even out of the question. On top of gas for the mower...he'd have to have a chase crew, pay for food, pay for accomodations, and such. This would probably cost somewhere around, I don't know, $200,000 consevatively. I bet that he doesn't even have $200 in the bank. Seriously, this guy needs to hop the next train to reality.
As I have stated earlier in this thread, I will not discuss my finances here, but now I have a couple of questions for you. You state showing any support for me is a waste of time. Please show me where I have asked for financial support from anyone here. Yes I would like everyone to support my Charities, but as for me and my trip, have not asked for anything. You have done nothing but try to belittle this ride each time you post. My next question to you is what are you afraid of, that someone might accomplish their dream when you haven't a dream? To be totally honest, you have become part of my dream, as when I come through LALA land, oops I mean Chattanooga I still want to shake your hand and prove Chattanooga is really in Missouri, and not Tennessee. lol
On the serious side everyone, I don't want your money, if you have a little extra, pledge it to one of my Charities, or if that isn't right for you, give it to one of your local charities, but whatever you do help make this world a better place.


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