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Hello tjg,<br>Just wondering about this trailer. Sounds interesting. I was wondering what size truck you are using to pull it. With 2 7000 pound axels, Im sure it will hold quite a load, but will a truck be able to move it? Around me a lot of guys haul pavers, 4 pallets usually (about 12,000) on their 10 ton tandem trailers, but they have big single axle dumps to move them and still get bogged down on hills doing 10 or so. Interested in your plans. I used a a 20 foooter similiar to yours once to haul a dodge 350 rack body dump with a 87 gmc 350 dually with a 350 motor. It rode real nice, but that truck struggled a bit. Im sure diesel power or 454 would of been nicer. Also, are you getting a dump install on the trailer for the soil. I've seen set-ups now where they put a side dump o the front of the trailer. Finally, what kind of pricing on that lowboy? Never seen one around here so interested in learning more about it. <p>Thanks,<br>steveair
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