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I currently have two trailers. I have 16' bumper pull that that use hauling mowers around town. Then I have a 36' tandem dual (20,000#)gooseneck that I use on large scale industrial jobs. The 36' trailer give you enough room to haul 2 mowers and a tractor with a batwing bushhog. I personally love the gooseneck. The next trailer I get will probaly be a 20' lowboy gooseneck to use around town. I pull my trailers with a 99 F350 dually with the powerstroke diesel. It handles it great. I had 6 pallets of wet sod on the big trailer a couple weeks ago I figure it weighed around 3000# ??? per pallet. I was running about 50 on a hilly highway with no problems. As far as a commercial drivers license I have the CDL book for MS and it says you can run up to 26000# without a CDL if your not hauling for pay. I would check with your state your running in though just to be sure before buying a big trailer.<p>Jay<p>
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