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Skid steers work well but will eventually tear up your surface.
For the money and multiple uses a skid steer is a great machine.
One of our customers use nothing but skids but they are on concrete 75% of the time. They buy and resell over 125 tractor trailer loads of mulch from us per year. Downside is the wear and tear on tires and lot. We use articulating loaders since we are on compacted gravel also.
Volvo makes some nice smaller loaders along with Deere and Cat.
Bobcat has a machine called a Versa handler (kind of like a Lull with a bucket)
Downside is when stepping up to articulated loaders they jump to the 50's for new. Have to look at dealer support strongly. You can't make money if it is down, especially on a sunny spring day.
All in all, a articulated loader over the long run will outlast and give you less wear and tear, but it is easy to spend someone elses money.
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