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Originally Posted by Prestige-Lawncare View Post
I would say, that on average, the average LCO probably does carry a $1M policy. We don't want overkill on insurance, but we definitely want enough ... otherwise like said above .. you will lose everything you have.

Another question to those on here that are looking around today ... who has had a large increase in your homeowners policy! Mine jumped 83.4% this year! Yep ... from $496. (great rate a year ago) .. to $910. a year now! I understand the $496. was a good rate (why I went with Allstate a few years ago) ... but $910. is absurd ... especially an increase of that much all at once!

What other business can raise their rates that much all at once? Can we do that???

Sorry sir ... but my fee for mowing your lawn this year will have an increase from $45. per cut to $86. per cut. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you .... here's your bill!

I carry 1 million, but......... as far as homeowners, I would kill to have yours. I sold the house I lived in where I was paying $750 a year. The house I bought is worth just under double the previous house. So I was expecting to pay about double. I forgot though that a hurricane hit an underground city 3 states away, so not I am paying $2800 a year.
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