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I had one a couple years ago. Nice machine for sure! I read up on all the brands before I purchased and found that the suzuki vinson was rated almost the best overall in everything. Not sure that they wtill make that model, were you looking at used? I'd go with the automatic transmission. I had the semi-auto type that had to be shifted, but no clutch. It was not nearly as "fun" to ride with all the shifting, and shifting wasn't as easy as one with a clutch. oddly enough...

I was more used to the smaller machines, the 250 utilities and the bigger engine sport bikes. the true utility machines like the vinson's and up are HUGE. they are NOT good on tight and winding trails as they will beat you up pretty good turning them a lot. Kinda scary too with how much they weigh. I wasn't as afraid of my Yamaha 660 Raptor as I was of the Vinson just because I knew I could maneuver the Raptor and keep it in line with my weight, where the vinson would easily over power me. If the vinson ended up on top of you, it would be a very bad day... But that same goes for any large utility atv. It just depends a lot on where you intend to ride mainly. Most important is to be aware of everything and be safe!

Edit: just looked and they do still make the Vinson, it was the Eiger that was the new model that replaced the.... I forget now...
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