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Before I bought my 650 cat I was looking at the king quad, vinson, and kawi models. Honda has alot of nice features for work but not play.
the 650 kawi and the cat are almost exact in what they offer except for the extras. AC offers the mrp system which is very nice for adding and subtracting extras. Ac also offers the most clearance than any other company. Now this was 2 years ago and IF I had all the money in the world I would take the AC suspension and frame Add the Bombardia(or what ever they are calling them selves now) 800 fuel injected engine, the power steering from the yamaha and a 8 gallon fuel tank mounted below the seat.

Just like mowers test ride them and buy the biggest you can afford because trust me, if you buy a 400 or 500 you will want the 600/700 or larger.
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