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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
I bought a Honda Recon 250 brand new in spring of 05. It has been flawless and runs great. Jason is right about the size and weight. I can manuver this thing through tight areas and I can throw it around. It was my first quad so I wanted to start small and cheap. I am at the point now I am wanting a larger 4X4 but i have so much fun on this little 250 that I will probably hold out another year or two. With the ITP Mudlight tires on the back it does really well in mud considering its a 2WD.

Hey Prostreet, take it from a LONG time atv rider, IF you can afford to buy a bigger 4X4 AND keep the recon- do it You will love having the ablity to jump off your 4X4 and jump on the little 2 wheel drive and play around. If you look at the yahoo photos in my signature you can see two projectquads I built. The green 300 was a stock 94 that Ibought new 97 plastic and put on it, stick stoppers homade fllorboards, homade heat shield, K& N power and jet kit, bigger mud tires, etc. The other is a Honda 250X frame with a 200M 3 wheeler motor and tranny. It had electric start and auto clutch like your recon. I called it a 250XMES!
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