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I have a husqvarna hover mower. I use it for cutting steep embankments. It is a pretty good work out after while. When I was using a string trimmer it took me 1 1/2 hrs. to clean this bank up. I then bought a hover mower and hit myself in the head for not buying sooner. I completed the banks in 40 min. from then on. It is not good for really deep grass. I had a problem burning up the plastic spacer for the cutting disc. It would take the brunt of engine torque in the tall grass and shear. Also over small gravel it will lose some of its lift and you will have to drag it. It will eat up some gravel when this happens. I did not trust my employees with it. It was to easy for them to drop it into the water at the bottom of the ditch and say &quot;whoops&quot;. I dropped that job anyway. Cutting that ditch was a pain in the neck. My hover mower is collecting dust, because I will be hard pressed to bid another job that requires it.<br>Hope I answered your question.<br>Rick Haden<br>Ace Landscape Services, Delaware
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