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I agree that there is dirty work that nothing else will do and that robotic mowers arent a threat now and may never be for 20 years still. However, I just think with the way things are going, you have to accept the advances being made to remain competive. Just look at the advances made in our field over the last 10 years. Mowers have come a long way, just as every other piece of equipment has. How many guys do you hear these days saying they're replacing men with machines. Quite a few. Its technology and it is moving fast these days. Look at science too. With these new growth regulators, grass may not need many mowings at all. For that matter, look at what these universities are coming up with for grrass. All sorts of new varities that do everthing from being drought tolerant to insect resistant. If they can clone a sheep, how long before they figure out to make a grass that only grows 2 inches tall and never needs mowing?<p>Like I said, none of these things may happen tommorow, but they will happen, you can bet on it. This whole business is definitely changing and its important to stay on the &quot;cutting&quot; edge.
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