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I have a Flymo, one of the origional hover mowers. I bought it used, for a specific job. At the time I wanted one, the new hover mowers were not out yet.<p>This lawn has a huge hill, maybe 1000 ftx2. IT is too steep for a 21&quot; Lawn Boy, and I thought that the Flymo would fit the bill. Since this is an older mower, it does not have any operator presence controls.<p>I found that I could do just as good of a job, on about the same time with a string trimmer. You would have to stand above the mower, and move it sideways below you. Since you are on a steep hill, this was dangerous. <p>They suggest using a rope to lower the machine down the hill, and mow up and down. This is more trouble than it is worth.<p>Perhaps there is a specific application for a hover mower, but I am not sure of it.
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