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This year cub cadet calls their home owner mowers quick z's I just wanted to make shure we were on the same page. Thanks for the info. I will have to watch those cables. Also another dumb question but what do you use to lube the cables? My dealer told me to only use red mussel grease. It comes in a spray can. I just never heard of it before. On all my other equipment I just use white lith. grease or wd40. One last question how has the machine been over all? I purchased it to speed things up on the residentials we do. I got sick of having a 36" wb on the trailer just for the houses with the small gates. So I replaced both the 36" and one 48" with the z wing. I also purchased a 60" tank. I am slowly getting away from walkbehinds. I need to be as efficient as possible. I am in a highly competitive market with lots of low ballers. Thanks Nick
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