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Logout times

I have lost many long posts because the BBS logs out before I finish. How long does "inactivity" last before being logged out?

The procedure happens like this:

1. I wish to reply to a thread, so click the "reply" or "quote" icon. The input screen appears.
2. I proceed to develop a length response, sometimes taking me more than 30 minutes to get it written, edit and have it prepared for posting.
3. When I click on the icon to post, a screen appears telling me I am not allowed to post.
4. When I act, then I get a new screen with login and password request.
5. Now, all my written preparation work is gone. However, I have tried to overcome by cut/paste. When the first screen appears, and tells me I am not allowed to post, I "cut" the entire document, and temporarily paste it to my Notepad on my PC. When I login and get back to the "input" screen, I can paste the document. However, when asking to post and responding, the reply is never posted. I return later in the day, the next day, and nothing is found.

I have lost about a half dozen long posts this way in the past few weeks. After finding the written work missing, I am too frustrated to start over again. Apparently, my input into the box to prepare a post is considered "inactivity," and after so long, the BBS logs me out.

So, my question is simple: Is there an option in my user profile to change this timer?

Yes, you can argue the merits of shorter posts, my long-windedness, etc, but lets not go there.

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