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Thanks for your replys. Their budget probably will not have enough in it to treat these trees. They may have to find a less expensive way. The sprinkler system was installed for the lawn. Some areas have water standing and the trees seem to be healthy. There are areas where the sprinklers just don't put down enough to get the moisture level more than 2 or 3 ".

So in a nutshell, to much water in some areas, not near enough in others. 20 acres of turf and trees and they don't have the system needed for about 10 -15 acres. This place has sidewalks and buildings going thru it. Under the elm trees the turf is drying out, so yes there is competition between the turf and the trees for the water. They had construction going on which shut down the system for a while too during the heat. This is a very dry climate. But they are trying to get the watering caught up, the best they can.

The lawn has not been fertilzed in yrs, neither have the trees.
City water available, don't know yet , but I beleive I can use a fire hydrant. I have a 200 gallon rig, was thinking 2- gallons per inch
using Bio Chem Naures Way products, humic, fulvic acid, and potassium, phosphorus. Unfortunately I don't have all the labels or info with me now to give you all the ingredients.

If there is a way to treat these trees for less than $20 each I'd like to know how.


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