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First you must pass a pre-screening test.
Answer these 3 questions:

1. When passing a motorist who is pulled over on the side of the road with a flat tire, you
a. slam on your brakes, pull over and change the tire.
b. swerve to hit the mud puddle hoping to cover the motorist in mud.
c. laugh and give him the finger as you speed on by.

2. When in line at the checkout counter at the grocery store, you see a guy behind you who has 2 items, and you have over 50 items. Express line is closed. do you
a. continue to put your items on the counter, that guy can wait.
b. turn around and tell the guy to go in front of you.
c. hold up the line by telling the cashier that you want to run back and pick up milk and bread too. when you return you picked up an additional 10 items.

3. you receive a daily afternoon newspaper, delivered to your doorstep each day by a 10 year old girl. do you give her a tip each week?
a. kids nowadays have too much money, she gets no tip from you.
b. most certainly, she is a sweet girl who does a good job.
c. rip her off of 50 cents, the cost of the newspaper, every chance you get.

Please note: this is just a PRE screening, be advised that the application you must submit will be long and extensive.
After that comes the lie detector test.
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