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Correction. Mix rate for Bolster is 1 QUART per 100 gallons. Its probably similar to the product you've been using. The only real difference between bio-stimulants is Humic Acid content. More is better. Iron serves as a catalyst & should be present as well. Most other ingredients are their for marketing purposes only. Some companies are now adding P & K but often times not N. The reason is simple. Most states don't require registration of Bio-stim's. P & K are exempt in small quantities. N is pricey & required in quantity.
If a blend contains only trace amounts of NPK then it too would be exempt from registration. So some products have only the amount of macronutrients allowed by the most limiting state they sell in. Make sense? Don't pay more for trace amounts of P&K if their not sufficient to correct a deficiency. Steve
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