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Originally Posted by green-pa View Post
I don't mean to sound dumb, but I am ignorant about edging
What exactly is that? And do I need another tool besides, mower,
trimmer ( weed eater), and blower for this?
With a powerful weedwacker you won't need an edger. Edging is the most difficult skill of grass cutting to master, and it makes a huge difference in the visual appeal of the property. You edge sidewalks, curbs, beds, sometimes driveways. My lawns have quite a manicured appearance because of my edging technique.

Just make sure you always wear large, wrap-around safety sunglasses that filter out 99% of the UV.

I recommend the Kawasaki KGT27A. Excellent power. Light-weight, and very durable. They are worth the premium price. I'll be giving one away at my March 11th seminar if I fill 24 seats, though I must say the Lawnsite crowd of new guys is not showing much interest in my offering.
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