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Hey guys, Ive started a Landscaping business that I want to focus on and an opportunity has presented itself to purchase a "turnkey" lawn service from an acquaintance of mine. Hes got primarily commercial accounts with some residential. I haven't seen the books or equipment yet but he said "if" he sells the bus. is worth @25k. Since he knows and likes me and I did him right on a truck awhile back he said 14k to me only. He grosses @42k / yr. As far as equipment I know hes uses J.D. Lawn tractors (more $ than you could buy at lowes). I know this guy and hes a straight shooter. He works for me at me full-time job and hes retiring the bus. I talked him into at least starting this year and selling the bus. instead of just quitting (which is why hell cut me a deal). I know zeros are the way to go, and Ill add 2 new j.d. zeros (I was going to buy anyway). But what do I do with 7 mower and 6 trimmers? Its all new or 1 season equipment. This will definitely pay for itself in about 1.5 months. Plus he said if I wanted he would work for me this season to show me what each account is looking for and to "hand-off" to the customers. What do you guys think? Money doesnt exactly grow on trees but I cant turn this down. Any opinions or advice? Mike
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