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Btw..this was not my idea...

Just to let all of you who oppose this idea(some strongly I see) of tossing ads on driveways... I got this idea from Sean Adams himself!
I think the ones that oppose this so strongly as to respond with a useless, assinine response, are simply put, jackasses.
Again, as I believe Sean Adams stated, this way of advertising was "to get the word out in great numbers", or something like that. This idea was for BULK advertising. And if someone doesnt like it or doesnt respond to it because they are offended by something being thrown on their driveway, or they think that because of this type of advertising the person must be "LAZY", then I dont think I would like to be associated with this kind of person in business anyways. Give me a break!
Oh nooo, a plastic bag on your driveway!!!! CALL THE COPS!!
Yet, I always got a decent response just from putting the ads in mailboxes, which is suppose to be ILLEGAL.
Get real.

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