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ok im sorry didnt mean to get your flyers in a wad. My response was due to the fact that i live in a estate area and all of our driveways are about 1/8 mile long, we all pull up in our cars to get our mail straight from the box then head up the driveway. the trash guys who are some freaky lookin dudes drive their 4wheelers up to our house to get the trash for an extra 1 buck a month. i get these free news papers in my drive once a week during peek season and it just pisses me off because now they have caused me to go an extra step to get a piece of trash off my driveway. Now with that said if you were doing this drive by flyering in a residential hood then that may work better for you and a zip lock bag full of planting soil might not be a bad idea considering they may use the soil on their house plants which would get your propoganda in the house at least where it might sit on the tabel and get some thought. you were thoughtful enough to provide them w/ a little free potting soil so they might be thoughtful enough to consider you. That might actully be a good idea, i duno might be a waste of dirt. include some tips in the bag of dirt if you can to show you know your stuff.
thats just sam adams talking here though
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