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Hello KB,<br>Where i work we have 2 toro 325 d ground masters and calcium filled all the tires on them. It works great. We had 2 to 3 flats a year before on each machine and now have none.<p>One thing is weight though. the tires weigh a ton, and noticed the machines sink a little easier on wet terrain. Also, they ride quite a bit rougher.<p>As for tire wear, well, not bad. The tread is still good and we plan to run those tires untill we see calcium oozing out. We only do <br>fields so looks aren't importany. On a residential lawn though, you may have to change them earlier since bald tire can track up a lawn pretty bad. Also, because of the weight, your lines may not be as nice with the heavier tires leaving tracks.<p>Foam or whatever would probably be better for mowing areas where looks are essential. I don't know much about the foam or other products like &quot;slime&quot;, but imagine they might be better.
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