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We use stens & slime- slime is a little cheaper, but avoid the urge to be skimpy & put the right amt. in. Be sure you take the valve out of the valve stem if you use automotive fix-a-flat. It will gum up your valve & leak air out.<br>Also a 'stitch in time' is to go to walmart & buy a 2.99 kit of tire plugs. Do it yourself, & carry a portable air tank too, & you won't be wrenching the tire off & driving to the gas station-wasted time.<br>Haven't tried foam fill yet- heard the story of hitting bumps, curbs, etc. & denting the foam in & having a pocket of air left & no pressure to keep the tire round in that area. It sounds possible, but I'm not for sure.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
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