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Originally Posted by CoreyD View Post
i think the phone number would look better under your name.... but thats just me.... how much did it cost you?...... ive been told to go to office depot and get them to make me professional flyers and cards..... havent done it yet but ive been told its not more than $10 to get one copy of each made... i can copy machine the rest..... but ive herd of people paying over $100 to get theirs done... does office depot suck or somthing?.... or do some people not like to save money like i do :\
I had Bob at do mine. It's $60 to design the card. I also had him do the logo. You just give him the things you want incorporated and he takes it from there. He will tweak it til your happy. As I said before, I would use him again and would recommend him to anyone!
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