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make sure you have at least one person to cut lawn for before you go out and spend all the money. i have seen more people go under this way. they go and buy top of the line stuff or just nice stuff thats A LOT more than they can afford. They go under after the first year unless the have other ways of making money.

for the trailer go for a smaller one at first just big enough to hold all your stuff. Then if you get bigger and need a bigger trailer you can sell that one and get a bigger one. but if you stay the same size than why waste the money on a big trailer that wastes gas pulling it? some thing to think about

I am working on starting out too and its pretty stressful trying to get what you want with a limited budget. Trust me i know i have about $1000 that i can work with and like $30,000 in stuff that i didnt really need. Now i need a trailer and a few odd parts. but all the trailers i want/need are over $1000. i mean i have money in a savings account but i really need that for a down payment on a house cause rent sucks.

what ever you decide to get make sure it can pay for it self. or its not worth having on a limited budget
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