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To get a nuisance permit you have to prove to the ODNR that all your other techniques did not work. Then they come out and look at your site and may or may not issue the permit.

The tall grass idea would not work because you would have to hit across the lake to the green and your line of sight would be blocked. In fact we have buffer zones around parts of a few lakes and the geese tend to nest in these wild areas. You wouldn't think so but they do. The only real predators around here would be raccoons for the eggs and coyotes for the eggs and goslings.

We tried the wire approach and the golfers just can't leave it alone. If anything interferes with their swing they'll move it or knock it over. I had so much time repairing it and restringing it that it just wasn't worth it. I could blow the goose droppings off the green and repair the holes that the geese dug faster that I could maintain the wire.

Thank you for all your suggestions and ideas, I really do appreciate them! If you come up with anything knew, I'm all ears (or would it be eyes?).
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