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Originally Posted by Accu-cut Lawn Care View Post
So...4 more days until your "trip" starts. I searched your town's newspaper and found no word of your supposed gunshot incident. Man, you are so full of crap. I hope that no one here at Lawnsite has been duped by you enough to give you any money. Oh to your makes me laugh to think about how a shabby tattoo joint and a crappy pizza place are going to give you enough funds to do what you are "doing". I bet we stop hearing from you around March 12...or some other "calamity" is supposedly going to happen. I can see it now...Hi, I'm sonny..Td's dad got shot in the face again and needs 50 bucks for an operation. God...I can't wait to laugh it off come the 12th.

Damn bro.... but have to say, made me ****** laugh!!

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