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Originally Posted by Keith1981 View Post
Hello, Im just beginning my business this year in Bedford. I have been doing a lot of research on all aspects of the business. I have several unanswered questions though. I registered my business name with the secretary of state. Do I need to get a state license? I'm pretty sure I don't need one for my town. Also. I was wondering what the going rate was for basic lawn care in NH. Mow, trim, and blow deal. any help on this would be much appreciated.
Bedford area... LOTS of $ to be made there! Im looking to find some work down that area myself.
All i ever did was register my name. Of course don't forget insurance!
The going rate would depend on your overhead/expenses. Some people do it cheaper because they can afford to. Most smaller lawns i have seen go for 35-50 depending on your costs and or the company. Also some people run a "mow, blow, and go" business. Others invest a few extra minutes and include some weeding, raking over mulch, dead heading flowers, etc. I know some that include this as part of the mow job and thats why they charge a few extra bucks. Also some charge extra for bagging and removal of grass clippings.
Welcome to the business though! It is very rewarding in many ways. It just takes a little time to figure out how it all runs and the proper amount to charge a person so you aren't over or under charging.
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