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Thanks! Can't wait to give it a review. I have e-mailed my information to you. Anyways here is my story:

When I first started my lawn care company I purchased some racks with the trailer I ordered (I belive they where an in house brand). Being neive and thinking they were all created equally, I thought it was fine, I mean it held the trimmer, what else is it supposed to do? Well a couple weeks later on the way back to the shop going down the highway I look in my review mirror and notice one of the trimmer posts dangling on a 45 degree angle off the side of the trailer. Unfortunatly where I was on the highway there was no shoulder.

The next thing I know the same post is now dragging and bouncing around on the road only held on by the trimmer connected to the other post. By the time I got to a place to pull over the trimmer rack and the one trimmer that was in the rack had been destroyed. I think I am just lucky that it didnt come off and hit the car behind me. At first I had though that my bolts had come loose and it came off however it was actually the weld broke at the bottom of the post! Let me tell you I have never gotten my money back faster then I did for this! lol. First thing I did was go out and purchase my greentouch racks and I have been happy ever since.

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