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ALWAYS, ALWAYS, START BY BLOWING ALL THE LEAVES INTO THE YARD. BLOW THEM OFF THE CURB BEFORE YOU EVER START MOWING, BLOW THEM OFF THE DRIVEWAY, FROM AROUND TREES ETC. I have got leaves down to a science. We blow everything first so that the MACHINES DO THE WORK. It took me a while to figure this out but if yoy do your cleanup in reverse, meaning first, then what you have left is leaf dust that CAN be blown in the road, back in the yard is preferred. I try never to leave a whole leaf in the yard or in the road, neighbors do *****, been there done that.<p>HERES WHAT WE DO:<p>1. BLOW EVERYTHING<br>2. MULCH EVERYTHING<br>3. BAG WHATEVERS LEFT IF MULCHING DIDN'T TAKE CARE OF IT.<br>4. DO A FINAL BLOW, USUALLY DUST THAT WILL BLOW AWAY AS SOON AS A COUPLE CARS PASS BY.<br>5. LOAD UP AND GET ON TO THE NEXT ONE.<p>P.S. I never run my baggers over the yard until we have mulched everything as fine as we can get it, by doing that I only have to dump once or twice vs. 7-8<p>Homer
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