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Originally Posted by wakesetter2001 View Post
I purchased a no name brand trimmer rack from ebay. It seemed to work fine for the first few weeks but did have the trimmer rolling and fuel spilling on my trailer fender which eventually led to the paint peeling and then of course the metal rusting. Then one day I look in my side mirror as I turn a corner and there is my echo (engine end) almost dragging the ground with the line end still in the rack. I am able to pull over as I am thinking "man what did I do, did I put the trimmer in wrong" Nope, weld broke on the engine end of the rack trimmer fell, had been hitting the ground enough to put a whole in the fuel tank, shaft bent where it hooked on the line end. Got to looking and could see that the weld had no penetration and in spots was not even touching the other metal. Anyway new shaft, fuel tank and the trimmer was back in use, Co I got it from I could never find again. Since then I have been looking for a new trimmer rack and just setting my trimmers in the back of the truck but had not found one I like until I saw the new Xtreme rack the other day. I actually got on here to put up a link so everyone could take a look at them, I guess I was to late.

Thanks for a great looking new product
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I wonder if we had the same rack, mine was a no name to. Something about the crappy welds on these things. I can't wait to try out the new one, it looks awsome.

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