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A friend in the biz told me last yr. that OSHA was out checking various lawn care co's. in our area & seeing if they were up to code. Told me one guy got fined $7000 for improper gas cans/containers, guards missing on mowers (no duh), & other stuff. Anyone have info on what exactly they look for, or where to find out what exactly you have to do to be up to code? That's the last thing someone needs is to have OSHA force them into bankruptcy because of their overkill way of suffocating the little guy. <br>He said the 'approved gas cans' cost about $75 each! Gimme a break! I know alot of under the table guys are out there with some horrendous type of setups & stuff, but alot of us are trying to do things right & can still get nailed for just about anything they want to look for, esp. if they're having a bad day.<br>Any suggestions/info?<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
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