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the xtreme series rack look like a great product, exactly what i am looking for. I have been wanting to purchase a trimmer rack for some time now but couldn't find one that was worth what they charged for them. This product looks like something i wouldn't mind paying for... SO last spring i figured i could use more room on my trailer, so i figured i would build a trimmer rack out of wood... my first mistake... It was a beautiful thing, held one trimmer and got a lot of the spare pieces 2x4s out of they yard. Wasn't the strongest thing out there but i figured it would be alright... My trailer had wooden sides so i screwed it to the inside of the passenger side of my trailer. It worked OK for a wile.. maybe a few weeks, until one day i loaded my trimmer back up, got back on my mower to back it on to the trailer, and as soon as i got to the top of my trailer ramp i felt my mower jump and stop very quickly. Well, apparently the screws I attached the rack with were not enough because the rack and my trimmer were now half under my mower. Luckily no major damage was done to my trimmer, just a little crack around the air filter.

So i decided to just let the trimmer hang out on my trailer... another mistake. I show up to a job, fire up my trimmer. go to pull the trigger to start trimming and realize something is missing. Somehow between there and the last job, the trigger broke off making is useless.. i wasn't impressed. Luckily i found an old trimmer than i took the trigger off to replace the broken one. I know my trimmer would be very happy have one of these xtreme series racks!

Don Moody
D.A.M.S. Landscaping
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