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Like dusty I began by just setting the trimmers in the back of the truck or on the trailer floor. I thought I was "STEPPING UP" when I bought a rack from my local TSC store. It turned out that when the trimmers were in the racks they got more beat up than when I set them on the ground. The rack that I purchased rubbed terribly upon the shaft and took almost 1/8" of metal off the trimmer shaft total in a small section. May need to be replaced $$$. Another problem was the spinning and difficulties with fuel spills. It seemed like I was always cleaning up a mess from spilled gas. The boards beneath the racks were just NASTY after a couple months- It was so bad I had to relpace a 8' 2x6. Another thing that always concerned me was security. Padlocks that were compatible with the rack were nearly impossible to come by, so I resorted to a bike lock(chain style w/ comb). I've had about all I can take with these racks, very poor engineering. You've got a great looking product, should be popular. Have a good one,

nate mez

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