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Originally Posted by Duncan90si View Post
We have trimmer trap racks on our open trailer. The trimmers would always twist around and wear out the hand grips on them. I could live with that, I guess. There were two Shindaiwa trimmers that leaked gas out of the carb. Well like wakesetter2001, this led to paint coming off of the trailer. Well it gets worse. One day after packing up and heading out of a large job where we had two guys trimming, we proceed down the road. We are driving for about 10-15 minutes and pull up to the next job. I get out of the truck and to my surprise there is a large fire on my trailer. The trimmer in the middle of the rack rotated while going down the road. It then started leaking gas on to the trimmer below it and caught fire on the hot muffler. After hosing the two trimmers down with the extinguisher I got the fire put out. The trimmer that was leaking gas was burnt and melted along with the trimmer below it with the hot muffler that caught the gas on fire. Both trimmers were ruined. All the plastic was melted or gone the pull cords were toast, even the spark plug wires were now junk. The top trimmer was slighty melted but the damage was just cosmetic, thankfully. I lost two commercial trimmers that day mainly due to a rack that didn't secure them properly from rotating.
Thats a great story. Thank you very much.

That is why exactly Green Touch has designed the Xtreme Series Trimmer Rack. Trimmers rolling around and spilling gas is a major design flaw in all other trimmer racks on the market. The new Xtreme Series rack is the only rack that is designed to absolutely eliminate any spinning/rolling problems.

The thought process with the design of the Xtreme Series rack was to eliminate all problems associated with existing trimmer racks on the market, while maintaining a competitive price.

Please email me your contact information so we can get one out to you.

Our intentions with this giveaway is to get landscapers sharing information, so they can see how serious theses problems can be.

All stories that have been posted are still being considered and we are still thank more submissions.
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