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Hi guys, I've been following the forum for a long time, and figured it was time for me to jump in. <br> I used to use a rough bidding policy, but am going to be much more precise this year. I'm going to charge a $22.50 &quot;serive fee&quot; for showing up, and am going to charge $.75 per 1000 sq. ft. of lawn that my 48 inch mower will be used on, and I'm gonna charge $.92 per 1000 sq. ft. for a lawn that I have to use my 36 inch mower on. As far as making sure that I'm being comensated for the time it takes to line trim, and mow around trees in the yards. I was planning on charging an extra $.20 per tree(do you think I should charge more, or less per tree?). I only service residentials, and charging these rates would put me in the price range of $27.50 per yard for my average yard. That's the average price here in Central Ohio (maybe even a little bit higher). <br> I devised this new pricing plan, because last year I lost some accounts because of my shotgun approach to bidding. Some other accounts I had to eat crow on, becuase of under bidding. <br> I'm very interested in any feedback that any of you might have on this idea of mine.
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