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I bought one of the basic design trimmer racks, the ones where its just a post with two pieces of flat steel with holes in them and the pin goes through to hold the trimmer in place. The basic racks are horrible. The first problem I had was losing pins, I'd lose them all the time, so I had to invest my own time and money into attaching the pins with cables to the rack. Then comes the movement, the trimmer is always flopping around which is ruining the handgrip and has weakend the throttle trigger. With the flopping around comes spilled fuel, I actually have a big stain on my trailer from fuel being dumped out. The fuel issue also causes hard starts, my trimmer starts so easy when its not being shaken to death on the trailer, but get to a clients property and it's a 5 minute ordeal. Finally (and the worst) is the one time I forgot to put the pin in the rack and to make it worse it was the engine side. Halfway to the next clients property it came out and the weight of the engine bent the shaft ruining the trimmer. So after ruining one trimmer and really beating up another I'm in the market for a trimmer rack, I was about to get another brand but noticed these racks and they look really nice and effecient. If I don't win one I'll be placing an order in a couple weeks.
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