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For my first full season two years ago, I bought an open trailer and while I was there bought the trimmer rack that the dealer carried. It had metal, spring loaded clips that were coated in plastic. Not knowing, I put 2 brand new $300+ trimmers on it and within a couple weeks the plastic wore out on the rack and the shafts on my trimmers were instant junk. Since the trimmers were beat up already, I continued to use the rack for the rest of the season. On one specific occasion, the rack wore out the protective wrapping around the wires on one of the trimmers and shocked the heck out of my arm while I was trimming. Last year, my second season, I resorted to just putting the trimmers in the back of my truck. After rolling around the truck bed and into eachother for 8 months, it was time to put them both in the trash. Im going to purchase 2 more trimmers for this upcoming season and have learned my lesson. Basically, I saved 75-80 dollars on the trimmer rack and wasted $600+ on trimmers.
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