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If this is what it takes for you guys to come up with pricing, I guess that's ok. But it seems that there are even more variables that are far more important. For instance, say you have uneven terrain, what is the figure for that? <p>Victor, your figure for cutting per 1,000 with the 36&quot; is $.92 and $.75 w/ 48&quot;. There would be no reason to use the 36&quot; unless it was needed for some obstacles (fences etc) correct? After all the 48 will cut at least 1 1/3 times faster. If it were needed, wouldn't the charge for using it need to be more than 17 cents more per 1000 feet? I'm not trying to be a smart a$$. I am just saying that the need to use the 36&quot; is due to something and it would definately be worth more than $1.80 on a 1/4 acre (1.80 over the charge for using the 48&quot<br>
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