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Matt, I don't know if it was you that I spoke with last week on the phone; if so thanks for the info and the new web site. Anyway, I saw a small blurb in one of the industry publications and called for more info. I told you how I have had them all - Trimmer Trap, Jungle Jims, Gridiron, and Green Touch - spending up to 900 bucks to rack-out a trailer. You pointed out the advantages of your new product without bashing the others, which is rare. The roads here in Louisiana are terrible, I have to deal with bouncing and spinning trimmers & edgers, bent shafts, twisted grips, broken and worn guards; you know the drill. I have had to modify and add stuff to all the racks I have owned to make them work, but it is still not the best solution. However it looks as if you have found the solution to our dilemma. As for a story, well here it is - traveling home after a long day slinging grass, a car tried to cross the road and was struck by oncoming traffic and spun into me. With nowhere to to go and no time to hit the brakes; BAM; they took me out. (totaled my wifes new Jeep Cherokee) I hit them at about 55mph, the impact slung the water cooler down the road, and the powerhead end of my trimmer and edger came out of the rack while the shaft end stayed hooked; resulting in both shafts and housings folded in half because the racks did not hold them securely enough. With your design I don't think that could happen. To make matters worse - the other drivers did not have insurance, so it all came out of my pocket. Your concept,material, and coating selections are top notch. Good luck with this new product. I'm looking forward to trying out a set of these in the future to replace my current Gridiron products. Thanks for pushing the envelope and not being complacent in this area. Hopefully you can integrate some of this new stuff into you current products, I already figured out a few ideas. Again thanks and good luck. Anthony.
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