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Far be it from me to be difficult, but I still don't get this measuring thing.<p>Victor, if you know you can be in and out in 10 minutes, you also know the average yard will net $27.50, you know they average 6000 sq ft, then what difference is measuring the yard going to make???????? (MY HEAD IS BANGING UP AGAINST THE COMPUTER SCREEN AT THIS VERY MOMENT) <p>By your #'s, your actually charging $5.00 to mow the lawn! You know you are going to charge the flat fee of $22.50 for the stop charge, but will only be able to charge $5.00 more for the whole job. If you are inefficient on a job then you won't make the $22.50 stop charge, you will lose some right?<p><br>$27.50, 10 minutes, $2.70 per minute, $162.00 per hour. Why in the world are you gonna waste valuable time measuring what you already know will take 10 minutes, count the trees and add .3 minutes per, or track the time on a few yards and get an idea as to how long it should take.<p>I'm not trying to sound like somebody else here, but if you know the game by heart, why read the instructions. If the market won't bear an additional 5-6-7 bucks per cutting then you have to find the ways to beat your competition in being super efficient, we all do! Check out a Winston Cup race Sunday and watch the pit crew, everybody has a job and know it by heart, second nature. Once you do a new yard a couple of times it should be like clockwork. Your making money, real good money. Just go get some more now!!!<br>Like I said, not trying to be difficult, just trying to understand and offer up my .02<p>Homer<br>
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